A Whole New World

Collar (BDSM)

Collar (BDSM) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This life is strange and exciting, but I like it.


We’ve had a few hiccups, dealing a lot of with My Pet’s insecurities, in and out of the bedroom. He suffers from ED and sometimes his insecurities in bed spill over into the rest of our life, even when things are fine. If he doesn’t feel secure that he has pleased me, in bed, he becomes a blubbering mess, afterwards and it seems to take days for him to recover.


I wasn’t sure if I was up to that challenge and told him that I could not handle FLR. Discussing it later (after I had secretly changed), he claimed that he believed that I was just practicing a little bit of reverse psychology to keep him in line. Though, it’s true, he remained My Pet, it was not a trick. At the time, I was not sure that I could be responsible for dealing with his mood swings.


In any case, we have eased back into things and things seem to be going very well.


Our sex, despite his ED, has been better than ever. I have been teaching him how to make love to me using his hands and his tongue and the numerous toys I keep handy. He’s still a novice, but he’s a fast learner. The last time we had playtime, he was amazed at how hard my orgasms were with him using nothing but his hands. Now, he’s more excited than ever to please me.


I try not to punish or abuse him too much, but I do make him pay for infractions, such as sarcasm or not reacting quickly enough to my commands. Even in the bedroom, if his touch is wrong or he is not paying attention to my directions, my wrath is harsh and cold, dismissive. It cuts him and I quietly control his misery until he is ready to listen and do as I say.


I am enjoying it more, every day and it’s likely because I can see him blossoming to be the man, the husband that I have always wanted. He meets my every need to the point where I don’t have to command it. If he’s unsure he asks. He asks permission to do simple things like use the bathroom or even to walk the dog. He handles everything around the household including the cooking and the cleaning. I don’t have to lift a finger. I can play or sleep or do anything else as I please and he never complains about doing everything, though I do see and hear him grimace when I add a new task to his to-do list. He pays for that infraction, too.


Needless to say, I am really enjoying this new world of play. We are both excited about its potential.




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