Finding My Footing

Happy feet 2

Happy feet 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’m very sensitive when it comes to the issue of feet.


I love getting a pedicure, but I am leery of anyone who wants to make the moves on my feet.


I flinch whenever it comes to the foot scraping and even the foot massage portion of this event at my local salon.


Only once have I ever had anyone who could take my feet in his hands and pretty much bring me to orgasm, simply by rubbing my feet the right way. I’ve let a few others try, since, but I have yet to have anyone else be able to love my feet the way that he did.


Lately, my feet have become symbolic, particularly as I am learning to take my own role, in loving female leadership, more seriously. I’ve been trying to find my footing in how to approach My Pet with a firm hand without being too hard on him, while he is learning, too.


I’m not really the Femme Dom type, but I look to them for tips on how to take and maintain control of My Pet and I’m finding that feet have a lot to do with that. Getting someone to kneel and care for your feet is a great start to letting them understand who is the boss and still allow them some semblance of control. By his actions, My Pet can be allowed to kiss my feet or be kicked by them.


I had tried to come at My Pet to strong and found my own weakness. I let him joke his way out of my disciplinary tactics and it didn’t take too long for him to dismiss my commands. Until, that is, I literally, and figuratively, put my foot down. Since then, we both have been on better footing.


To reinforce our new understanding, I have begun making him put my shoes on my feet, daily and allow him to kiss my feet, as he does so.


Starting with a little thing like feet has built up my confidence in making him do other little things, that add up to big things in the long run and we have not had the same issues that we have faced in the past; in the beginning of this journey.


I’ve even added feet to our sex life. I don’t let him rub my feet. He’s no good at that. But, he has learned how to love my feet with his mouth and make me orgasm, using his tongue in much the same way he loves to work my clit. Our sex has gotten exponentially better with this one simple addition and we aren’t even having actual intercourse, yet.


This all, definitely, gives new meaning to putting your best foot forward.





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