There’s Something In It For Both Of Us

Ball and chain

Ball and chain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Someone close to My Pet and I asked me why it was that he does everything around the house and I don’t seem to lift a finger and I gave them some bullshit answer that it happened organically and we just stuck with it.

That reply is not completely bullshit.

My Pet has always looked for ways to make me happy and he saw that having to deal with the housework, including the cooking and cleaning, was very stressful for me. So, one day, he volunteers to wash the dishes. The next week, he volunteers to wash the dishes AND cook dinner. And, so it went until he was cleaning up the entire house, doing all the cooking, and seeing to it that the children did their chores, as well.

I asked him why he felt compelled to do all the housework. I mean, he has his own job, cleaning up after other people and he works more hours than I do. Why would he also choose to clean up after us (especially when the man that I met and fell in love with turned out to be a complete slob when I finally got around to seeing his apartment before we finally moved in together)?

He has a lot of bills and really poor credit and not a lot of disposable income; in fact, none at all.

He told me that he felt the need to do the household responsibilities because he couldn’t provide me the things he believes that a man should provide for his woman. Doing housework is his way of expressing his love and support for me. Doing household chores makes him feel like a good provider.

Over time, whenever we would have a knock-down drag out fight, I would take over the chores, myself and I would soon notice a severe change in his demeanor. He was distressed and upset that I would take over the household tasks; this, after he complained that he thought he had too much to do, at one time. It was after I noticed this that I began to consider the idea of female-led relationships (FLR), although, I had not yet brought up the subject to him at the time.

After our most recent knock-down drag out and his pleading that I let him get back to work, I actually brought up the idea to him, if he was not only willing to continue to do the housework, but also let me guide him in a more transparent way. He agreed wholeheartedly.

We have had a few missteps, but the practice is growing on us and our friends and family no longer question the fact that he waits on my every wish and desire. I never nag or yell, although I do reprimand, quietly, if he messes up (like, if my kitchen is not up to my standards).

I get to enjoy my hobbies and pastimes and he gets to feel like he’s doing something special.

Along with that, I’m not pissy or cranky about the chores needing to be done and he is happy to see me smile and thank him for doing a good job of taking care of the household. That also frees us both up to enjoy our playtime without worrying that things are chaotic around the rest of the house.

I get treated like a queen and he gets treated to some wonderfully orgasmic playtime.

It’s a win-win.


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