Diva Leads The Finances

Study #20 - Loose Change

Study #20 – Loose Change (Photo credit: hjl)


When My Pet and I got married, he had debt, but I didn’t.


His debts were being paid via an allotment, so he had limited funds to share with the household.


Now, he’s debt-free, as well.


With his new-found financial freedom, he has given me access to his full paycheck, minus one legal obligation.


So, now our household is now debt-free and our financial stability is on less shaky ground, making it easier for us to budget for and plan a more financially secure future, as well.


Not to mention, him handing over the bulk of his paycheck shows a very big level of trust. He knows I’m not going to blow it on trivial things, but he also knows that whatever I spend it on will be to the benefit of everyone in our household, not just myself.


It’s nice not having to worry about anything beyond the light bill and the rent, anymore.


It’s comforting to know that My Pet loves and trusts me enough to give up his own financial control, when he could have easily decided that since he was no longer in debt, he could spend “his money” any way he liked.


His money is now our money, but all of our household financial decisions are now mine.



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