Autumn: The Sexiest Season


LeafMoss0225 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Today’s post was inspired by Sex In Words: Sexiest Season?


Autumn is the sexiest season for me.


It’s my favorite time of year.


It’s still warm out, but it gets colder at night.


The unbearableness of trying to sleep in the summer is faded to a laughable memory.


I don’t cuddle during the summer. The heat from our bodies, plus the heat from the outdoors, makes sleeping miserable. I’m cranky when I don’t get a good night’s sleep.


It’s not too cold, like in the winter, when the bitter winds and snows make cuddling in bed, and sex under the covers, a necessity.


Sex doesn’t need to be relegated to times in the day/night when it’s cooler, in summer or warmer, in winter.


I like having better playtime choices.


In Autumn, most days are perfect for having sex at any time of the day/night.


Being sexy, in public, is easier during the Autumn months.


The public walking and hand-holding can go on for what seems like forever.


No overbearing heat or humidity, like in the summer months.


No bugs or flying insects to scare and distract you.


No encumbrances of hats, gloves, and scarves, to conceal your body from your loved one, as in winter.


No fears of falling on your ass due to the ice or freezing your ass off, sitting in the snow, on the grass or even a public bench.


Just watching the flowers and the trees in Autumn is so glorious. The colors are so vibrant and I find that very sexy.


My wardrobe tends to follow suit, as well as my personal attitude.


The temperatures are rarely too hot or too cold. They are just right.


The clothing is neither too revealing nor too concealing.


I can wear perfume without fear of being attacked by seasonal insects.


I can wear my hair down and frame my smiling face.


I just feel more like myself. I feel more real in my own skin.


I don’t just feel sexier. I am sexier.


Autumn makes me sexier.



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