Financial Domination: When Real Life Interferes With The Fantasy

Tea chest

Tea chest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I haven’t blogged much about the financial control aspects of the female-led relationship between My Pet and me.


To be sure, we have never had to argue much about finances. Well, except when he was screwing up his own (forgetting about expenses being withdrawn from his personal account), before I took over.


Unfortunately, just as he handed over the reins of his checkbook and financial independence, he lost his job.


Like a good little Pet, he handed over his severance and I have handled the household and the finances like a pro, ever since.


He has managed to get himself a small, part-time job and those checks, as well, get handed to me.


We have not had any issues with him mishandling funds and he has not questioned how I manage our money, either.


But, now we are dealing with the very real specter of financial insecurity, since he doesn’t bring in nearly as much as he did before. I am, officially, the main breadwinner in our home and my finances are not enough to get us by on their own. He’s got a couple of real job prospects, but in this market, it may be awhile before he lands a decent paying job.


Nevertheless, he has not wavered, nor tried to get me to give back what little funds he has left and he’s already set it up so that new monies that come in go straight into my account and in turn, I will continue to make sure that his personal expenses are taken care of while the household expenses are seen to, as well.


If only the rest of our female-led marriage were going as smoothly.









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