They’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught

Are You Paying Attention?

I’m a time-management goddess. For years, I have mentored others and even taught classes on the subject.

I get up at the same time, every morning, with little variation, aside from whether I have to leave or whether I’m staying in.

Every move I make, throughout my day, is calculated to start/stop at a pre-determined time, even at work.

I even taught the youngsters in the household how to manage their time in this same fashion.

But, I could not, ever, despite years of setting the example and even going so far as nagging, been able to get the men in my life, to, purposely, start their day when I did.

That is, until this past week.

I had started telling my loving husband, My Pet, to set his alarm to have my coffee and breakfast ready and the four-legged family members walked by a certain time. But, inevitably, I still ended up shoving him awake to get him moving.

Finally, without any coaxing from me, My Pet, woke up BEFORE my own alarm went off, brewed the coffee, walked the dog and woke ME up with a hot cup of coffee!

To encourage this behavior, I made sure not to make note of it, verbally, aside from a simple, “Thank you”. The science nerd in me wanted to see if this behavior would continue throughout the week.

It did.

I was considering taking My Pet off of probation, as a reward for his thoughtfulness and preparedness, but then I caught him surfing porn and then trying to peak at this blog (he has been forbidden to do so until he has addressed some of his major self-esteem issues).

Though we talk constantly about the things that I write on this blog, knowing that he will read and scrutinize it means that I will likely censor myself and I write, in private, so that I don’t have to. And, our FLR (female-led relationship) is very new, and I’m concerned that if he reads how things are going, he will spoil what is, essentially, an experiment, at this juncture, and spoil the outcome, in favor of a more selfish outcome that benefits him and not us. I did mention that I’m a science nerd, yes?

In any case, I decided against lifting his probation, due to his infractions of the rules and have decided, instead, to take a softer tack to disciplining him. He’s extremely soft-hearted, and trying to use a firmer hand with him has proven to an inappropriate approach. Saying things, including giving commands in a more sensual or “girly” way seems to do the trick. In effect, you catch more flies with honey, so that is how I will proceed. He definitely reacts more vibrantly and lovingly when I act more like a princess than a queen. Of course, your mileage may vary.

In the meantime, everything else is going swimmingly. Tantrums are at a minimum. He’s doing more and more things without being asked. He responds, “Yes, Diva” and “Thank you, Diva”, accordingly. He speaks out of turn, less, as well.

If he has a good week, this week, I may allow him a brief respite from probation, but he’ll have to go it alone.


One comment on “They’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught

  1. dave94015 says:

    How to train your partner…to accept a #FLR

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