Discipline: Getting Creative


One of my biggest issues that I have had with being a Dominant wife has been discipline.

I’m not talking about the discipline that I have been having My Pet practice, but I have had issues on how to bring down the hammer when he messes up. I have spent weeks looking for or deciding on other creative ways to punish him.

I’m good at the being bossy. I’m even good at being passive-aggressive; giving the silent treatment, pretending that nothing is wrong, but then bringing down the hammer in subtle, yet sometimes, indelicate ways.

Part of our new arrangement is open and honest communication, so being passive-aggressive would defeat this purpose and being too bossy will just breed resentment not only on his part, but on mine, as well.

My Pet and I had discussed some physical forms of punishment including making him stand in a corner, naked. We’ve even discussed spanking and other forms of corporal punishment. We tried those things, but the outcome always fell flat. Those things weren’t really me and, although, they served to embarrass him, I just didn’t get the satisfaction from incorporating those forms of discipline.

Then, the idea finally came to me via my Tumblr account. I came across a post where a submissive submitted a photo of a page of sentences that his Dominant had made him write. My first thought was, “Why didn’t I think of that?” My second thought was, “Eureka!”

I mentioned this new form of discipline to My Pet and we set up the rules: 50 numbered, neatly, handwritten sentences, on lined paper for a first infraction, 100 for a second, 200 for a third.

It did not take long for me to have to implement the first set of sentences.

My Pet likes to brush his teeth in the shower. I have no problem with this.

The problem that I have is that when he spits, he spits on the faucet knobs and doesn’t rinse them off. When I get in the shower, I always end up with gobs of used toothpaste on my hand. No thank you.

For several months, I have tried to get him to remember to rinse off the knobs before he finishes in the shower, but time after time, it keeps happening. The last time it happened, I was about to lose my temper and go on a tirade and then a lightbulb went off.

Instead of going off on him and nagging him about this problem, ONE. MORE. TIME.

I walked up to him. I calmly told him to clean the tub. When he was done, I handed him a yellow legal pad and told him to write me 50 sentences, “I will stop spitting on the knobs in the shower”. Before he was finished, I informed him that he was no longer allowed to brush his teeth in the shower.

I did feel that sense of satisfaction that had been missing in other forms of discipline we had tried. I could see that he was clearly upset with having to write sentences, as if he were a 12 year old kid. But, unlike before, he was taking this punishment seriously. When he was done, he went into the bathroom and took his toothbrush and toothpaste out of the shower. He kissed me, sweetly, when he was finished.

Mission accomplished.

As an aside, he keeps telling me that he doesn’t mind the spanking, but I think we’ll save that for Playtime.


3 comments on “Discipline: Getting Creative

  1. david says:

    If you are seeking alternate punishment methods, one technique my girlfriend uses is rather effective (with me at least). That is a heaping bowl of cold plain (unflavored) oatmeal.

    Unlike writing sentences, which can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, and other various punishment which harm the flesh, this one is actually healthy and leads to him getting in better shape.

    • Dree says:

      I like that idea, but he is already on the road to eating healthier and being more active. I will make note, if that ever changes.

      On the other hand, his handwriting is atrocious and I’m hoping that through time and practice (writing, neatly, on the lines, and in concise font) that his penmanship will improve, somewhat. If he does what he’s told, carpal tunnel should not be an issue.

  2. dave94015 says:

    Reblogged this on dave94015 and commented:
    How to discipline your partner…to get him to stop bad habits…by writing lines

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