Good Progress

Bed of Roses

Bed of Roses (Photo credit: mi..chael)


My Pet and I have been having a pretty good week.


I did have him writing 50 sentences, a few days ago, about what, I no longer remember.


We’ve enjoyed some Play Time, but our schedules have been so busy with family, work, and friends, that we haven’t really even had time for much of anything else, but sleep. He seems happier, though, he’s not expressing or exposing his weaknesses, so much, lately.


I’ve even slipped back out of saying “Please” and “Thank You” and using physical cues, like pointing to what I want, and not saying a word, to get him to see to my needs. In the past, he seemed kind of down-hearted at what would seem like impolite requests, but now, he seems to be performing them with quite a bit more gusto than usual.


We did have an issue, today, that I may have to nip in the bud. He’s been warned that if it happens, again, there will be sentences involved. I noticed that he does rolling stops at stop signs, instead of full-stops, and I don’t appreciate being in the passenger seat when he does this.


I wasn’t complaining too much, though, because he just signed over a big check to me, so our household finances are good for another few months, while he continues to look for a second job or a new full-time job.


I think it stroked his ego when I confessed to him that I’m going to miss having a house-husband, to see to my needs more often, since he’s been out of full-time work. But, I do miss having more time to myself and we could certainly use the money to better our financial situation.


But, with him gone, more often, I can work on my other projects without worrying about navigating his feelings or his down-time plans. I’m working on a music project and I would love to work more on my writing projects, as well. Just like at my paid job, I prefer to work alone, without interruption or worry that I or the other individual will get in each others way.


Something else that may have lifted his spirits is that I have told him that once he finds a new job that we will begin experimenting with new gimmicks and gizmos to allow for us to have actual intercourse during our Play Times. He seemed pretty keyed up to hear that.


He’s feeling good, so I’m feeling good. It feels like our Female Led Relationship (FLR) is finally on the right track.



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