The More Things Change

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The more they stay the same.

My boss passed away, last week, and I was promoted to fill his shoes.

That means that not only am I The Diva to My Pet, at home, I am also The Diva to My Pet, at work.

When I discovered some of the things that he was getting by with, I was admittedly furious. When the boss was around, I left well enough alone and let the both of them discuss work-related issues, without my input. But, now that I’m in charge, I have admittedly, been very hard on My Pet to get his act together. I don’t want him to embarrass me now that I am in charge of overseeing his and other employees’ work. I can’t have My Pet getting away with doing shoddy work, just because we are married. And, I won’t have him affect my ability to keep my job because I can’t manage him or his work quality, properly.

I know that I shamed him, when I ripped into him, in private, about a mistake that he made, on the job, the other day. I felt bad for lambasting him, but I needed him to understand that I expect more from him than from anyone else. I will now be the voice that answers the call when someone calls for a job reference, as he’s still looking for full-time work and I will not give any kind of glowing reference for anyone who is doing sloppy work, even if I am married to him. He doesn’t get a break, just because he’s My Pet.

I decided to step up his and my own re-education into a Wife Dominated or Female Led Relationship, as lately, he has started to slip into his old casual self. I need him to understand what’s at stake and what’s expected and I need a bit more training as to what I can do to make it easier for him to remember his place and even for me to remember mine.

It’s so easy to slip back in to those old comfortable roles, even if they made us unhappy.

First, we got some new toys to enhance our Sexy Time.

Then, we purchased a couple of books on the topic of Female Led Relationships. We are currently reading Worshipping Your Wife: by Mark Remond, and its companion, Worshipping Your Wife 2. Mark Remond is also responsible for a blog that I have had the pleasure of guest posting on: Worshipping Your Wife.

My Pet has been taking his reading very seriously and I have noticed a refreshing change in his demeanor and his behavior. But, it’s only been a few days, so only time will tell if the lessons and stories will stick.

Our toys haven’t arrived yet, but I’m sure that will definitely liven things up, quite a bit. Then we’ll see how much things will change around here.


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