He’s A Good Pet

The Big Cat

Good Pet (Photo credit: Christina Saint Marche)


At least, he’s trying to be.


Ever since he read Worshipping Your Wife, he seems like a changed man.


His attitude, has changed. He seems to be taking admonishment and punishment with a little less grump. When he does get grumpy, he seems to be trying his best to conceal it better, although now I’ve noticed that he’s begun mumbling to himself, more often.


He texts me, every day, with comments like, “Even though I have given you much resistance I am happy to be your pet. I love you Diva” and “I adore you I love you I cherish you my Diva I am your pet“.


I’m really impressed with his progress. He really seems to be taking everything to heart. I can tell on one hand that he’s kind of faking it, but sometimes, faking in practice can help you learn new habits, over time. He’s a good pet for continuing to try. This is how I know that he loves me and wants our FLR to work.


I’ve, recently, made up a couple of new rules:


“Ask, first. Don’t assume.”


He tries very hard to anticipate my needs, but, sometimes he’s off the mark. So, instead of letting him try to figure out things for himself, I want to make sure that he knows exactly what I desire, rather than having him guess incorrectly. I try to give him step by step directions for whatever it is that I am requesting of him, taking away any guess work on his part. He has finally gotten into the habit of asking me first before he does anything, at home and at work, so that he can be sure that he won’t upset me, even if it’s a routine that hasn’t changed in weeks or months. He still needs a little work, but he is improving, quite nicely.


“Keep your phone on you, at all times.”


He’s got several annoying ringtones on his mobile phone. He tends to be hard of hearing, so I forgive their volume, but I draw the line at having to chase his phone, when he’s not around to turn those annoying sounds off. Because my new job duties require me to be on call, every day, I need him to have his phone on him, even if he’s taking the dog for a short walk, so that he can hurry home and help me get to work or just so that I can inform him that I won’t be home when he gets back.


“Draw me a bath every night by 10pm and towel me off when I’m done.”


Now that I am on call, seven days a week, that means I have to be ready to be out of the house at a moment’s notice. On a regular work day, a morning shower is no big deal, as it’s plotted into my morning ritual. But, on my day’s off, I’m used to waiting to get into the shower based on the needs of the day. If nobody needs me, I may go without one. But, nowadays, my phone rings constantly and I hate leaving the house when I don’t have time to freshen up, properly. I tried taking showers, in the evening, but showers tend to energize me, leaving me wide awake in the middle of the night. On the other hand, there are few things, besides a glass of wine, that relax me more than a hot bath. So, now, he draws my bath, every night, with a glass of wine, if available, and I sleep like a baby and I’m ready to run if my phone rings, unexpectedly, during the day.


I have him dry me off, after the bath, because it adds an erotic element to our every day routine. Bathtime used to be a guarantee that we would have Play Time, but now, it’s like playing the lottery, for him. He gets to touch my body, but he may or may not get to enjoy pleasuring it.


It hasn’t been long, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up, too high. We’ve had several hiccups because his continued resistance to my discipline methods. If I snap at him, too sharply, he gets angry and snaps back. He gets upset if I go too long without allowing him to pleasure me. But, for now, he seems to be doing really well and I want to encourage that progress.


If he keeps on the path that he’s on he’ll be a four-star pet before too long.



2 comments on “He’s A Good Pet

  1. Omhaki says:

    Dear Diva
    Thank you for your blog, I enjoy following your adventures in the FLR lifestyle.
    I am a surrendered husband and am also a great fan of Worshipping your Wife, book and blog.

    Another book I found incredibly useful and which I think you and your husband may enjoy is
    It’s mostly his fault by Robert Mark Alter.
    I purchased mine for one penny plus p&p. on Amazon.
    I wish I had known about it many years ago.


    Best wishes

  2. dave94015 says:

    Reblogged this on dave94015 and commented:
    some simple rules used to maintain an ongoing #FLR…and get more devotion from her pet!

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