Ten Things: Just For Fun


18 January 2007: Bondage Bear

Bondage Bear (Photo credit: Ulleskelf)


Everything on this blog tends to take my life a bit too seriously, but I’m actually a pretty fun person. So, I’ve decided to share with you ten other things that you might find of interest about me.


  1. I used to enjoy being a submissive. Getting tied up and played with, used to be a great turn-on, until a horrible experience I had with a bad partner.
  2. I would probably take the whip to My Pet, but I can’t stand to see a grown man cry.
  3. I am polyamorous, although I haven’t practiced since I met my husband.
  4. I wish I still had the partner who gave me the most perfect foot rubs, making intercourse seem like washing the dishes.
  5. I hate wearing lingerie. A t-shirt and a thong are all I need to feel sexy.
  6. I own several pairs of sexy shoes that I never wear, except to take photos of my feet.
  7. One of the first things I gave up, when taking up FLR was fellatio.
  8. I love teasing my partner with a full-body ice cube massage.
  9. I like to indulge in viewing erotic pictures and movies, with or without my partner.
  10. I love taking bubble baths because it’s the only time that nobody ever bothers me and I can masturbate in peace.


Now it’s your turn. Please indulge my curiosity and tell me ten things about you.



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