Still On Radio Silence

In the meantime, I just wanted to check in and let you all know that My Pet and I are still fighting the good fight or rather still working the FLR and things are going well.

I’ll check in with a much more full report, but for now I am working on another project that will take up all of my writing time and will be a very emotional task, to boot.

I’ll be peeking in on a few of you, from time to time, so I’ll be silent, but I won’t be absent.

You’d better behave while I’m away!


And Now For Something Completely Different


Almost as good as a pedicure. Almost.

This Female-Led Relationship is working
For My Pet and me
Though things are far from perfect
We have a better understanding of our roles
In this matriarchy.

I do the intellectual work
He does the leg-work
Our home is running
More or less

We rarely fuss or fight
He knows the rules
He hates the hiss and side-eye
He is still working on biting his tongue
Though not as much.

Our days feel more normal
Even if secretly
We’re not
Our life is getting better
Even if the sex isn’t hot.

It will always be a work
In progress
As time goes by
I’ll raise my expectations
He’ll get better with each commandment.

There may come a day
When FLR is not our thing
For now I’ll enjoy what I can
Of his foot worship
And daily pampering.

© Diva Leads (2014)