New Feature: Matriarchal Wonderland

(A work in progess, inspired by fantasy, reality, and possibility)

Nina watched, fondly, as her father massaged her mother’s feet, on the sofa, across from her. Her father often performed this task after her mother had endured a long day, even if it was merely a full day of shopping and even if Father had also had a long day at work.

Nina understood that her family was unique. Her friend, Sarah’s mother, catered to her husband’s every whim. Sarah’s mother made sure that she only dressed the way her husband expected, in case company was coming over and every meal was to his personal liking, even if Sarah and her siblings weren’t keen on the meal. Nina’s father catered to her mother in pretty much the same way, but Mother was keen on making sure that all meals were healthy and enjoyable for everyone.

Sarah had two older brothers, Sam and Jack. They were nice enough young men; respectful to their parents, but at the local hangouts they both had reputations for being players and womanizers.

Nina fancied Jack, the youngest of the two brothers, but she was much too coy to approach him. Besides, her mother would never allow it, unless she could provide that Jack could abide in a world led by a woman and, in turn, submit.

Nina grew up in a world where women controlled their own households. She witnessed her grandfather lovingly care for and worshipfully cater to her grandmother, until her death. For as long as she could remember, her father had always taken care of her mother, in pretty much the same way. It was her parents’ intention that Nina and her sister, Sharon, would continue the matriarchal legacy.

Nina had every intention of following in her mother’s footsteps, but she knew that it would be difficult to groom a man raised in a patriarchal environment. A difficult task, but not an impossible one.

Diva’s Loving Leadership ©2014


Honeymoon Phase


Our FLR is about a year and a half old, so I guess that you could consider it still in the honeymoon phase. But it got us through another year of marriage which would have ended if I hadn’t taken control.

It’s not for everyone. Anyone committed to the traditional patriarchy and women being submissive to men generally take issue with this lifestyle. I had enough of that in my first marriage and other past relationships. I know some women who like to make their spouse a cuckold while they themselves play submissive to another lover. That’s not my gig, either.

My Pet and I have discussed, at length, actively practicing polyamory and or his becoming a cuckold while I take on another lover, but finding myself another submissive lover is like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s still fun to fantasize about, though.

Our marital anniversary is coming up in a week and I am still trying to come up with something spicy to add to our FLR; either an act, like making him wear a chastity device or an activity tantamount to sexual torture.

We’ve come a very long way in a very short time and I fully expect that this time, next year, we will have come a lot further. My goal is to nurture this honeymoon phase so that it won’t wane. I’m enjoying this lifestyle far too much to give it up any time soon.