Honeymoon Phase


Our FLR is about a year and a half old, so I guess that you could consider it still in the honeymoon phase. But it got us through another year of marriage which would have ended if I hadn’t taken control.

It’s not for everyone. Anyone committed to the traditional patriarchy and women being submissive to men generally take issue with this lifestyle. I had enough of that in my first marriage and other past relationships. I know some women who like to make their spouse a cuckold while they themselves play submissive to another lover. That’s not my gig, either.

My Pet and I have discussed, at length, actively practicing polyamory and or his becoming a cuckold while I take on another lover, but finding myself another submissive lover is like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s still fun to fantasize about, though.

Our marital anniversary is coming up in a week and I am still trying to come up with something spicy to add to our FLR; either an act, like making him wear a chastity device or an activity tantamount to sexual torture.

We’ve come a very long way in a very short time and I fully expect that this time, next year, we will have come a lot further. My goal is to nurture this honeymoon phase so that it won’t wane. I’m enjoying this lifestyle far too much to give it up any time soon.


3 comments on “Honeymoon Phase

  1. subhubphx says:

    Maybe you would like to consider what Mistress K. and I did on our recent wedding anniversary. We exchanged FLM vows and she officially collared me, in front of an officiant

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