Training The Young Matriarch

“But, Mother, I don’t want to go!”

Diana braced for the expected whining. Nina had never been too far away from home. When she attended college, she was only forty-five minutes away, and Diana preferred that; having her offspring close. But now it was time for Nina to be properly trained to run her own household and that meant sending her away.

Diana had raised her daughters to be able to fit in with their peers. Nina and Sharon, despite being females in a female-led household, were responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Diana forbid their father, Chuck, to ever pick up behind them. The girls were taught by their father to launder their own clothes and do many other household chores, tasks that they were expected to perform on days when Chuck was away or when they wanted to earn the privilege of having friends over.

They were allowed to date “regular” boys. Diana wanted the girls to be able to tell for themselves which ones were worth their time and which ones were a waste. Despite the fact that Chuck treated Diana like a queen, she knew that it was possible that the girls would rebel against finding a man like their father if she only allowed them to date “proper” young men.

Nina proved to be the apple of her mother’s eye. She desired to spend her time with a man much like her father: tender, thoughtful, attentive, and deferent, Diana was ALWAYS right (even if she were in error, he never talked back). Nina had gotten tired of “regular” boys fairly early on. She grew tired of their insistence that she behave a certain way or look a certain way to please them. Diana had raised her girls to express themselves freely and let no man, not even their own father, dictate how they should behave. If either girl were ever deemed inappropriate, it was Diana’s job to inform and instruct them on what was more appropriate. Generally, Diana let the girls be as individualistic as possible, but within reason.

It was time now for Nina to have a different kind of training. She needed to learn to groom any man, whether “regular” or “proper”, to suit her own personal needs.

“Calm down, Nina,” cooed Diana, as Nina slumped down onto the sofa. “The Haversham Institute is the finest training academy for what you want to accomplish.” Diana patted the cushion next to her, directing her daughter to sit there. Nina did as she was instructed. Diana continued, “I know that you are anxious to approach Jack and make him your lover, but patience is required.” She stroked Nina’s back, tenderly. “Do you trust me?,” Nina nodded. “Then it’s done. You will go as soon as a new semester starts.”

“Thank you, Mother. I will try and keep an open mind.” Nina kissed Diana on the cheek and left the room.

Diana could have sworn she noticed a skip in her daughter’s step, but there was no mistaking the feeling of pride that she felt in her own heart. Nina was following in Diana’s footsteps. But, there was a secret that Diana was keeping. A particular young man was already being groomed for Nina.

Diva’s Loving Leadership © 2015

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent subject. My wife and I look forward to more chapters.

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