Herald The Day I Awakened To A Whole New World


I parade around like I’m a Queen.

That’s my job now. That’s my thing.

My stilettos, like my heart are black as coal.

That’s my color. So’s my soul.

I’m a legend in my own mind. And, that’s cool.

I’m not playing, though. So don’t be fooled.

Herald the day I awakened to a whole new world.

Sing the praises of the woman who’s beyond that naive girl.

My whims are less elastic

But my dreams, no less fantastic

I stand with pride; I control my own domain.

His whims forever restrained.

Take the varnish off the good old-fashioned girl

Raised insane to smash the mad patriarchal world.

No, I do not cook and clean.

That’s not my job. That’s not my thing.

Leave it to him, or I’ll make him squeal

Beneath my stiletto-clad Matriarchal heel.

It’s a brand-new world, the future to be seen

He, as my servant and Me, his loving Queen.

Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2016





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