Not The Girl She Used To Be


Once upon a


There was a

Dainty young lady

Who would count

The tiles on

The ceiling

While enduring another

Pathetic sexual encounter

She would count

All the tea

In China

Weigh it and

Set sail

While waiting for

Her partner

To finally sink

His battleship

Now she watches

Porn for inspiration

And talks dirty

To create motivation

If her partner

Isn’t licking pussy

Like he’s trying

To make roses

Bloom in spring

She’ll sink him

And his battleship

To teach him

A lesson

If he’s not

Making it rain

She’ll put him

On a slow

Boat to China

With no return


Then he’ll be

Counting ceiling tiles

Longing for

A dainty lady

Who will endure

His insufferable

Little cock.

Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2016



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