I am hard of hearing

A problem

From my youth

But I can

Hear him mumbling

When he walks

Outside the room

I hear him

When he whines

About me being

Too picky

I hear him

When he complains

That he’ll never

Be the king

But he does not hear

Half the things

I mumble

To myself

When he’s not here

I’m stewing

Like a wicked

Little elf

He misses things

I’ve taught him

And sometimes

I let him slide

But then he gets

Upset with me

When I pull him aside

He doesn’t like

My expectations

Because they give

Him grief

But it seems

The things I tell him

Blow away

Like November leaves

I hear his concerns

I understand

That’s why I hold

My tongue

But if he keeps

Not hearing me

I’ll make another plan.

Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2016




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