Cruelty stings more than the whip.

~Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2017




Getting undressed

In front of him

But leaving the room

With my undergarments on.

Bending over

To pick up a dropped object

With my ass facing him

Close enough to touch

But not close enough

To accidentally bump into him.

Get close in

Face to face

And walk away

Before he kisses me.

Stroke his cock

With my own hands

And before he cums

Turn over

Tell him to lick my clit.

Finger myself

As he watches

But don’t allow him to

Touch me or touch himself.

Take him inside me

And before he cums

Make him hop

Into a cold shower.

Promise he can cum


But not today.

~Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2017




He’s a little guy

At least

Where it matters

He’s not much

To brag about

He works

With his hands

They’re much too rough

So I don’t let him

Fumble about

He needs assistance

And that’s okay

He listens

When I give directions

He meets my needs

In other ways

That’s how he

Shows me affection

He does so much

To take good care

I don’t often

Give him thanks

But my favorite thing

He often does

Is waking me up

With a


~Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2017

Herald The Day I Awakened To A Whole New World

A throwback post for your enjoyment.


I parade around like I’m a Queen.

That’s my job now. That’s my thing.

My stilettos, like my heart are black as coal.

That’s my color. So’s my soul.

I’m a legend in my own mind. And, that’s cool.

I’m not playing, though. So don’t be fooled.

Herald the day I awakened to a whole new world.

Sing the praises of the woman who’s beyond that naive girl.

My whims are less elastic

But my dreams, no less fantastic

I stand with pride; I control my own domain.

His whims forever restrained.

Take the varnish off the good old-fashioned girl

Raised insane to smash the mad patriarchal world.

No, I do not cook and clean.

That’s not my job. That’s not my thing.

Leave it to him, or I’ll make him squeal

Beneath my stiletto-clad Matriarchal heel.

It’s a brand-new world, the future to be seen

He, as my servant and Me, his loving Queen.

Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2016



That look you get when you inform your Pet, that, in the near future, or rather, the next four years, at least, if ever the new leader of the American Patriarchy does anything positive to benefit the Matriarchy, and her kin, over his fellow, rich, patriarchs, only then will your Pet be rewarded with a blowjob.



Spend the day

Incessantly flirting

Rubbing up against him

Making him squirm

Whisper to him

The things I wish to do

Suggesting he might get a turn

Let him bend me over

Rub my ass

To feed his ego

Let him go to town

Rub my clit

Stroke my libido

Then finally the end is near

My orgasm ebbs then subsides

I turn over and pretend to sleep

He turns away and sighs.

~Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2017