Femdom Rules For Pets

Femdom Rules For Pets(2)

The answer is ALWAYS, “Yes, Mistress”.

~Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2017




There Once Was A Sailor From Kimble

There Once Was A Sailor From Kimble

There once was a sailor from Kimble

Whose tongue was rumored to be nimble

His partners grabbing his hair

Left them all gasping for air

Until they would moan with a tremble.


~Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2017



To The Lady Who Knows She’s The Boss

To The Lady Who Knows She's The Boss

To the lady who knows she’s the boss

Knows a weak man is never a loss

And who takes great pleasure

In toys made of leather

And a smart man would never dare cross.


~Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2017



Ordinary Kinky People

Untitled drawing

To look at us

You’d never know

We look so ordinary

An average couple

Hanging around

The mall or aviary

You’d never guess

That I’m the boss

Or handle all the money

You’d see a couple

Standing close

Calling each other “Honey”

You might get a hint

If I look cross

And he’s cowering

In shame

But you might think

It’s nothing big

A regular lovers’ game

But when I tell you


That I don’t cook or clean

You’d look surprised

When I announce

He does it all

For me

You don’t need to know

Our sex life

Is rife with whips and locks

You’d never guess

This little Ms.

Makes rules

To control his cock

You’d never guess

‘Cuz I look so sweet

That I make him

Stand naked

At my feet

And slowly torture him

As he watches as

I masturbate myself to sleep

But folks don’t need

To know all that

It’s like

Our little secret

We’re just average

Ordinary kinky people

With an extraordinary fetish.


Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2017