Pay close attention
To what you might see
As I knead my own breasts
Caress my own knees

Watch as my hands
Travel over my chest
Down to my navel
Just short of my nest

Placing two fingers
Alongside my clit
Massaging my vulva
Where you like to lick

Moving my fingers
In circular rounds
Inserting two digits
Where you like to pound

Allowing the moans
From my lips to excite you
Imagining that maybe
Right now I’ll invite you

Back and forth
Round and round
My moans raise to crescendo
Hold myself back, not ready to let go

I see your eyes begging
Your loins are burning
As I cum as your watching
I hope you are learning

Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2017



3 comments on “Teach

  1. Coyote from Orion says:

    Thanks. I miss someone 🎠🎭🎪


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