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Patrons Anonymous

Please be reassured
Your support is safe with me
Patrons are secret
Nobody will know but me
All your support is sacred

Follow Diva’s Loving Leadership on Patreon and get exclusive content including access to Patreon-only poems, short stories, and much more.

For a small monthly pledge of $1, you can get access to exclusive and personalized content, written by, Yours Truly, and not found on my Twitter or Tumblr.

There are multiple pledge levels. At the $10 and $25 per month, pledge levels, for instance, I will write you a personalized poem or short story, respectively. You pick the topic and I’ll whip up some spanking-hot prose, especially for YOU (not meant for public consumption, unless you wish to share it)!

There’s even a tier for you Foot Worshippers and tiers for those of you curious about what I’ve got in production for the coming year!

Ultimately, my goal is to produce FLR and Femdom content for everyone to enjoy, including audio content to complement the books I am working on (and hope to finish by Valentine’s Day 2018).

If you are interested in supporting Diva’s Loving Leadership and/or becoming a Pay-Pet please CLICK HERE to become a patron, today!

Thank you for your support!



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