Let Her Lead: E-Book Inspired By Female-Led Relationships


Let Her Lead(1)

Whoo Hoo! It’s Finally Here!


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(Offer good through March 30, 2018)

A collection of FLR poetry. Most of this anthology deals with the simple, every day experiences of a female-led marriage; the things that friends and neighbors may
see, whether they see the relationship as a normal marriage or whether they see the writer as a spoiled princess who handles the finances and barks orders while her partner does all the tasks required of a traditional housewife. This anthology also deals with the sexual experiences of a loving female-led relationship; the things that friends and neighbors will never see, while also exploring scenarios that are pure fantasy.

This anthology is broken down into two parts: the somewhat ordinary life of the writer and her partner and the somewhat erotic. Whether or not readers practice FLR in their own lives, they will recognize that the couple’s somewhat ordinary life looks a lot like a traditional, patriarchal marriage, but with a matriarchal twist. Readers may also recognize that their somewhat erotic life looks a lot like sexual role-playing, even though, the couple live these roles every day; they are not parts that they cast off when the sun comes up.

Perhaps you will pick up this book, not because you like poetry, but because you are exploring or wish to explore the idea of participating in your own female-led relationship. The writer’s advice to women is simply if he is submissive and willing to try it, don’t be afraid to take the reins and lead your partner. If you are the partner, unsure of whether or not FLR is for you, the writer would suggest, if you wish to enhance your relationship with the woman in your life don’t be afraid to Let Her Lead.


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